Keynote speakers

Prof. Nuno Dinis Cortiços

Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal

Nuno Dinis Cortiços is Professor and Chair on Building's Energy Certification at the Department of Technologies in Architecture, Urbanism and Design at Faculdade de Arquitectura, Universidade de Lisboa; Ph.D in Building Science and active member in Research Centre for Architecture, Urbanism and Design (CIAUD) associated to Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT). As Researcher focuses on building’s renovation, autonomous maintenance systems, sensor and nano-technology applied to maintenance, building’s performance and renovation's simulations on buildings stock, and maintenance accuracy applied to Unesco heritage; presenting and publishing the outcomes, mainly, at Scopus Conferences and Elsevier Journals. Board technical member at “Building and Environmental”; Architectural Research Centers Consortium, Inc (ARCC); and, European Association for Architectural Education (EAAE). Other accomplishments, Vice-President of the Faculty’s Board, responsible for Financial Management and Maintenance; Building Supervisor on quality and warranty; and Team Leader on architecture designs; and, Judicial Technical Consultant on construction quality.

Prof. Eric J. Strauss

Michigan State University, USA

Dr. Eric J. Strauss is a Professor of Urban & Regional Planning in SPDC at MSU. He is a former Director of the Urban and Regional Planning Program. He has more than 40 years of experience in planning practice in both the public and private sector. Dr. Strauss has been a planner for federal and state governments, a City and County Planning Director, a City Attorney and a consultant to more than 50 organizations, both public and private, on a wide variety of planning related issues. He has prepared many comprehensive plans and land use regulations at all levels of detail for many communities.

Prof. Marco Casini

SAPIENZA University of Rome, Italy

Environmental Engineer, PhD in Environmental Engineering and Research fellow in Architecture Technology, he is Tenured Professor of Architecture Technology and of Environmental Certification of Buildings at the Faculty of Architecture of SAPIENZA University of Rome, Department of Urban planning, Design and Architecture Technology - PDTA and Adjunct Professor of Energy and Environmental Sustainability for Buildings, Bahcesehir BAU International University Rome - Faculty of Architecture and Design.
He is Scientific Director of the Editorial board of the Journal "Ponte", published by DEI, Rome (Italy) and Member of Editorial Board of Journal of Energy and Power Engineering and of Journal of Civil Engineering and Architecture, David Publishing, NY (USA).
Member of the teaching Faculty of the PhD in “Energy Saving and Energy Distributed Microgeneration” at the SAPIENZA University of Rome, he is also Member of the Interregional Working Group for Sustainable Construction at the Institute for Innovation and transparency in government procurement and environmental compatibility (ITACA), the Italian technical body of the Conference of Regions and Autonomous Provinces.
He carries out its research activities within SAPIENZA University in the fields of Green and Smart Buildings, Renewable energies and Nanotechnologies and Smart materials for architecture working as scientific coordinator on major projects such as realization of “Regional system for the certification and accreditation of energy and environmental sustainability of buildings” - Protocollo ITACA Lazio (2014) and the preparation of the “Sustainable Energy Action Plan of Rome (SEAP) in to the Covenant of majors European project (2012).
He has authored over 70 scientific publications and 6 books including Smart Building (DEI 2014), Design the efficiency of buildings (DEI 2013 - II ed.), Building the environment (Edizioni Ambiente 2009) and EMAS Eco-Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (IlSole24Ore 2004).